Homeopathic doctor in queens ny

Dr Jeff Dreon. Naturopathic medicine. Alternative medicine. New York City. The human body has a remarkable capability to heal and flourish if the right elements are present, and that is what Naturopathic Doctor Jeffrey Dreon strives to provide through his services and recommendations for a healthier, stronger, and more effective you.

The optimum health you want in the comfort of your home, Dr. Jeff makes house calls, providing a unique one-on-one experience with no waiting in an office for an hour. Simply book an appointment with Dr. He will text, call or email you to confirm the date and time you have selected.

It's that simple! The future of Health Care has arrived in Manhattan. This can be improved by a custom treatment plan based on your physiology and particular case. Obesity is a symptom of over-eating but also has emotional and other physiological elements which can be treated through naturopathic medicine. This can be treated with a combination of herbal and naturopathic supplements.

Any infection in the colon or urinary tract can affect the prostate. A drop in testosterone and other glandular activity can make a man feel fatigued.

Easily treatable with a naturopathic approach. Overactivity and overstimulation from living in a fast-paced world leave many feeling restless, irritable and discontented. Poor diet, stress, and lack of quality and consistent sleep can take a toll on the immune system. Treatable with a custom naturopathic approach. This has been misdiagnosed by many health professionals.

It is pain not in the joint but usually in the muscle and creates pain in the tissue. Fibromyalgia literally is sluggish toxic lymph.

Fatigue is usually part of Fibromyalgia, indicating a possible adrenal gland fatigue. Based on my diagnosis, I will provide a custom plan of wellness for you. I use a natural approach to Pain Management called Tuina, an Asian method of physical therapy.

Most of these conditions can be altered, reversed and cured by creating a balance in the body through supplements, herbs, diet, and lifestyle changes as well as exercise.

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Contact me and let's put you on the road to health and well-being. Office: Cell: Photo by Hector Arguello Canals. Learn More. This Doctor Makes House Calls. Schedule A Consultation. Book Online. Office: Cell: Jeff Dreon Naturopathic Medicine.Peter Bongiorno graduated from Bastyr University, the leading accredited university for science-based natural medicine. He completed five years of training in naturopathic medicine and acupuncture, and was honored to be his class speaker.

Before medical school, he worked as a researcher at the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, Maryland and at Yale University in New Haven Connecticut, and has co-authored numerous medical journal articles.

Currently, Dr. Bongiorno has just finished revising and co-authoring over 40 chapters for the 3rd Edition of Drs.

Murray and Pizzorno's the Textbook of Natural Medicine. He has also co-authored original articles including one on Parkinson's Disease which he wrote with Dr. LoGiudice, and authored the complementary medicine chapter for the new psychiatric textbook The Biology of Depression. He is currently working on revising portions of Dr.

Michael Murray's Encyclopedia of Healing Foods. General practitioners of traditional Chinese medicine providing complementary care for internal disorders, such as respiratory problems, digestive disorders and integrative gynecology, as well as musculoskeletal conditions. Finker, N. She combines the latest scientific information along with natural therapeutics that have been used effectively for centuries, in order to provide individualized treatments for all of her patients.

Finker compassionately guides all of her patients back onto their path of well being. Specializing in the Use of Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine as an adjunct to complement Western Medical approaches when dealing with severe and chronic cases, such as Stroke, Parkinson's Disease, Chemotherapy, and Terminal Illness. Imagine waking each day feeling rested and energetic.

Imagine feeling good all day long. Imagine being able to go to sleep easily and stay asleep all night long. Imagine being able to play with your children or grandchildren for as long as you would like. Imagine feeling great all month long. Imagine looking and feeling better than you have in years. Imagine spending your whole day without headaches, stomach upset, or pains. Imagine being healthy through every season of the year. At Long Island Naturopathic, we are here to create a program specifically for you, so that you can get what you want from life with your body, mind, and spirit supporting you the whole way.

To start on this journey, contact us to make an appointment. State of the Art Comfort Dentistry focuses on treating phobic and anxious dental patients.

We keep the whole body in mind when we treat our patients by focusing on safe and non-toxic dental materials. Shvartsman practices minimally invasive and tooth-conserving dentistry with the latest modern dental techniques and technology. You will find State of the Art Comfort Dentistry a fresh change form the typical dental office.

I run a very busy, comprehensive naturopathic medical office. However, no condition is ever turned away and we have a very high success rate in a variety of other diagnoses. I utilize European biological remedies, nutritional supplements, hormones, herbs, homeopathic remedies and a variety of hands on therapies which include sauna, ion detox bath, and colorpuncture.

Various diagnostic procedures are employed to find out the root cause of each patient's imbalance. Each patient is treated individually and protocols are determined according to the patient's own specific needs.

By joining science and nature Naturopathic Medicine is able to offer the finest and most effective route of health care available. Your body is a highly complex, interconnected system.The new office is on the same block as the E and F train Kew Gardens subway stop.

Parking is also available in the building for those who drive. Naturopathy combines the best of traditional holistic health with modern methods. The goal is to get to root cause of symptoms and heal, not just cover things up with medications or supplements. Some people come in as a last option.

They are not satisfied with conventional medicine and are looking for an alternative. Others have already tried various natural health protocols. This may include taking dozen different supplements or following a highly restrictive diet but are still not better.

This can range from being tired each day after work, to people who have had to stop working or drop out of school due to severe fatigue. Naturopathic doctors receive 4 years of graduate level education. Students receive the same basic science education as in any medical school. This means all the anatomy, physiology, pathology, clinical and lab diagnosis that medical doctors get. Over the final two years hours of hands on, clinic experience is required.

In addition to the basic sciences and medical education naturopathic students learn various natural healing modalities. However, what defines naturopathy is not simply using natural substances instead of drugs.

The holistic philosophy and guiding principles of naturopathy are just as important. I take the above very seriously. Many people just read websites to see if a practitioner treats whatever condition they have. But if you would like more information on holistic health philosophy, please see the following pages:. Traditional Herbal Medicine. In addition to the principles listed above, I have my own goals.

Much is this is based on my own person experience seeing people in conventional and natural health. As a naturopathic doctor my job is to work with my client. I aim to treat my clients as if I would like to be if in their place. What's the difference between taking herbs for symptoms, and customized herbal formulas for the individual? How homeopathy works. Traditional versus compound remedies.

Videos Social. Schedule An Initial visit. New Office in Queens, NY. The current office location in Manhattan is closing April Blueprint Healing Arts is a true holistic medical center for alternative as well as conventional medicine. The founder, Dr. Siranush K. She is Diplomate in Clinical Homeopathy, licensed acupuncturistdiplomate clinical hypnotherapist and holds certifications in all the other healing modalities that she is offering at the center.

homeopathic doctor in queens ny

I am writing to let you know how grateful I am for your services. I feel great, and more than that, believe that your compassionate care empowered me to take control of my own health and healing. Your availability to support me both, in the office, and out of the office, have given me great peace of mind. I always leave your office feeling healthy and eager for our next appointment.

Even the clients that I have referred to you have said the same. I believe you are doing amazing work and look forward to journeying with you throughout my life. Cholakian, for restoring my mom back to health! My mom had deteriorated over months. She had numerous tests, multiple visits to various specialists even visits to the emergency room taking meds to no avail, until we finally came to you.

In the course of a week she started to feel better, it has been two months now and we are so grateful to have her back enjoying life. After seeing the path my mom was taking I decided to be treated by the doctor myself.

I have suffered for years with musculoskeletal pain, and chronic pain in my stomach. I felt immediate results and my energy level has soared. I am enjoying life again, your knowledge and commitment has made such a difference in our lives! At Blueprint Healing Arts in New York you can also learn and get treatments to rejuvenate and better your health, and the way you look and feel.

Our center is located in the quiet and green Crescents of Rego Park. Siranush Cholakian. Garo Cholakian. Integrative Health Care Events.I differ from both in that I believe that nature is the ultimate guide. I have far more extensive knowledge from school and otherwise as compared to a nutritionist and have more clinical experience. I worked for many years as a personal trainer and have extensive knowledge in Applied Kinesiology.

As for a medical doctor, I have many more hours in the classroom and understand the dynamic and safety of most herbs and supplements in relation to pharmaceutical drugs.

I have the same classic science and diagnostic training as a medical doctor, but many more nutrition, herbal, and physiology training hours. I know how to weed through the misconceptions of health and do not sell the idea of propaganda infused nutrition.

I provide the following services:. About me. How do I differ from a nutritionist or medical doctor? Latest Blog Posts. Why you and your family should stay away from food coloring on February 9, Read more.

How to get rid of nail fungus quick and easy! Read more. Yes snowy slopes and icy ponds, but Why wearing polyester can be detrimental to your health… part 1 on November 27, Did you ever wonder why after a long day at the office the beautiful Some Of My Favorite Quotes on November 1, Sometimes we have those days where we need something to help motivate us or My Favorite Milkshake… on October 24, Nothing says childhood and cheating on your diet than a milkshake.

But the Let us learn and practice what we instinctively know to be a fact; namely that the present-day generation and misery of the human race cannot be alleviated by laws and regulations, by loans and covenants, but improvement must come from within ourselves; it must come through a complete rebirth; through mental attitude, different conception and conduct of life; through return of naturalness, true religion, simplicity, frugality, economy and joyous renunciation; through up-building and uplifting; through honesty and tolerance; through purposeful strengthening of body, mind and soul, so that we will again feel throbbing life within us, strong and powerful, enabling us to again enjoy life, nature, family life, art, book, picture and song, and to bear bravely whatever pains and vicissitudes life holds in store for us.

Father of Naturopathy, Dr. Benedict Lust Want to find out more? Please contact my office to make an appointment. Get in Touch.I was on various medications over the years. Every new drug would work for a month or two, I would feel hopeful, and then I would have another flare-up.

Refuah Homeopathy

In addition to this, I started getting numerous other infections. There was rarely a week that went by that I wasn't dealing with a flare-up from the colitis or one on these others ailments.

One night, at two in the morning I broke down crying uncontrollably and realized I had dealt with enough.

homeopathic doctor in queens ny

I had to find out why one thing after another was happening to me. I was tired of doctors dealing with only the symptoms. I found Dr. Salzarulo, and I am the healthiest and happiest I have been since I was diagnosed with colitis. It has been a year since my first visit, and I am off all medication, haven't had any symptoms of colitis in over seven months, have not had one U. It takes hard work and a lot of discipline but I truly feel like a new person! I am so hopeful and cannot express enough how meeting him has changed my life.

Salzarulo is the most caring and thoughtful doctor I have ever been to. I hope you decide to see for yourself. Salzarulo and the blood work I did six months into his program. The difference was shocking! In that span of time I underwent a profound biochemical transformation for the better, and additionally, I lost over 40 pounds.

Salzarulo is a modern-day alchemist who took my toxic, leaden body and transmuted it into gold. As I learned from my experience, health is not a goal, but an ongoing process, and Dr. Salzarulo is an inspiring guide who get you from here, wherever you are, to embodying radiant health. Salzarulo suffering from chronic hives and candida. A physical and emotional mess, to say the least.

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He is a kind soul and truly lives to improve the quality of life of his patients. After my first appointment, he knew exactly what was going on with me and immediately began to lay out a program to start my journey to renewed health and well-being. And a journey it has been. We partnered knowing that it would take both of us to accomplish the goals we set forth.

With Dr. Sal's knowledge of natural healing and commitment to his work, along with the dietary changes and my commitment in his program, my hives disappeared, I've lost 20 pounds, my skin glows, and my energy level has soared. It is such a scary step to take because we are taught to trust and listen to our western doctors, but I knew that wasn't the path I wanted to follow.

It felt like I was cheating myself out of knowledge, growth, and change by deciding I was damaged goods and succumbing to chemicals and medications. Sal showed me I have the power within me to create the change I want to see. My blood work shows my thyroid levels have returned to normal.

I now have the answers and the knowledge to move forward and have never felt better.To book an appointment for a new patient, please use one of these schedulers:.

If you have ever seen Dr. Masiello before, please use this scheduler to book your appointment:. Please use these schedulers to book appointments for children and teens. Click here to begin!

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Have any questions? Click here for the frequently asked questions. Masiello's biggest strength was his diagnosis. He would be able to isolate the ailment and therefore give exact treatment. Masiello has kept me strong and healthy with the best care that one could ever expect to receive.

Masiello practices is superior to that provided by regular physicians in three main dimensions: lower cost, less intrusive, and better curing. Masiello, I feel energized because he includes me as a valued partner.

homeopathic doctor in queens ny

He takes the time to listen, assess my symptoms in relation to the whole me, and gives me options. I feel comfortable asking questions, even if sometimes they may be dumb ones. The Ridgefield, CT. Directions are provided to patients upon booking an appointment.

Coronavirus Pandemic Update. Domenick Masiello. New York City Office.

homeopathic doctor in queens ny

Ridgefield, CT Office. Before Your First Visit. How to Report Symptoms. After Your First Dose. A Typical Homeopathy Session. How to Take Homeopathic Remedies. Book Appointment for Children. Book Appointment for Teens. Homeopathy and Osteopathy for Children. Immunizations and Children's Health. Established Patients. Book Appointment NYC. Book Appointment CT. Phone Consultations. Frequency Specific Microcurrent. Home Remedy Kits. Professional Course. The Practice of Holistic Medicine.

Homeopathic doctor in queens ny