Walther ppk schematic

They are all deluxe models, chambered for the. The stars were correctly aligned for this comparison! The purpose of this article is to compare and contrast the advantages and disadvantages of these three pistols.

It is not to pick a "winner. Different users have different requirements and one person's first choice is another person's also ran. The PPK is only offered in the all stainless steel configuration that we reviewed. However, the two SIG SAUER pistols are available with a choice of aluminum alloy or steel frames and a variety of finishes, including all black, two-tone, all stainless and in the case of the P rainbow titanium.

The all steel models are heavier and thus more comfortable to shoot, while aluminum alloy frames make for a lighter pistol that is more comfortable to carry. We opted for aluminum-framed models of our SIG test pistols, reasoning that. Here are some relevant manufacturers' specifications for our comparison pistols. As mentioned at the beginning of this article, these are high quality pistols designed for long service.

There are plenty of cheap in both quality and price. These pistols are likely to be chosen by knowledgeable or professional shooters who take their side arms seriously. They are, for example, used by members of the Guns and Shooting Online staff and popular with police officers for off-duty concealed carry or as back-up pistols. Following are some areas of comparison that we found relevant, in alphabetical order.

At the end of this article, we will include a Summary and Conclusion. We have found in the past that intrinsic accuracy is not the strong suit of most. We tested each pistol with four different factory loads. We found in our individual reviews of these pistols that they can produce 25 yard groups, fired from a solid rest, averaging three inches or less with ammunition they prefer; usually a premium brand.

Almost all of the. Although they come with good, easy to align, Patridge type sights, none of these pistols have a trigger pull conducive to accuracy. In addition, their relatively short sight radius amplifies shooter errors, making flyers a common occurrence.

However, we judged them adequate for personal defense, in the hands of a good shot, at 25 yards. At typical altercation ranges of seven yards or less, they are more than sufficiently accurate. Here is a summary of our shooting results, taken from our full-length review of each pistol.

The way we did it, we put up three slow fire pistol targets at 25 yards, one for each pistol. Each shooter fired two shots with each pistol from a Pistol Perch rest at that gun's target, forming a six shot composite group after all three shooters had taken their turn.

The results were pathetic, since every shooter holds a gun differently and, with handguns, how you grip them and with how much tension determines their point of impact. The lighter the gun shooting any given loadthe worse the effect of changing grips usually is.

In the event, all three composite groups showed excessive vertical stringing. Anyway, here are the results of our foolishness:. All of these pistols are sufficiently accurate for their intended purpose and none of them are target pistols.

Walther PKK/S and PPK Field strip, clean, and Reassemble plus the basics

If you are choosing between these pistols for self-defense, you will need to look beyond accuracy to make a determination. Convenient long-term carry is mostly a function of weight lighter is better and size smaller and thinner is betterin that order. On that basis, the SIG P is the easiest gun in our comparison to carry.

It even comes with a nifty, high ride belt holster suitable for the purpose. However, it is a single action autoloader, the only single action in our comparison. As such, it has more possible carry modes three and this might make it more confusing to a beginner.Our huge download database contains explosion views.

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Founded in in Zella-Mehlis, Thuringia, the Carl Walther company today is known for large-caliber pistols used by police and other law enforcement authorities. Additionally, it makes high-quality sporting weapons. In both of these areas it can look back on a tradition of excellent gunmaking going back now years.

Carl Walther manufactures most of its weapons in the factory which it established in in Ulm, and it has its headquarters together with its parent company Umarex in Arnsberg.

This website uses cookies. By continuing to use the website, you agree to our privacy policy. Toggle navigation. Exploded views Our huge download database contains explosion views. Choose Language English Deutsch. Carl Walther GmbH Founded in in Zella-Mehlis, Thuringia, the Carl Walther company today is known for large-caliber pistols used by police and other law enforcement authorities.

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See 9 customer images Share your images. Earn 55 Bullseye Bucks. Issued by MI6 to Britain's most famed super-spy, this replica Walther PPK gives you the excitement of using the gun that's saved the world from global domination more than once! Umarex's Walther PPK is historic in its own right as the first CO2 replica gun, and the first to include a realistic blowback feature which mirrors the function of the real German engineered Walther.

The gun's slide locks back after the last round is fired, so you'll know when its time to reload. The CO2 cartridge is tucked safely and securely behind the non-slip grip, and includes a CO2 puncture key. The Umarex PPK is nearly identical in size and weight to the actual firearm, making it an excellent trainer, and a plinker fit for Her Majesty's Secret Service.

Unit Converter for Airgun Measurements. Create an online review and share your thoughts with other customers. Things I would have changed : I would like to see this with a full drop out mag similar to the Glock 17 blowback. Things I liked : Just got this pistol last week and I'm quite impressed. It's solidly built Japan, and that's a good thingcompact and with considerable heft in weight.

Feels very real even when shooting. Great Walther markings, looks great! Lots of kick! Very snappy blowback. No leakage problems to report, yet.

walther ppk schematic

But it's a different story on a horizontal line. Over 3" on either side, high or low. I feel that the height thing would improve drastically with a white dot on the front blade sight. Well, that and the fact that I wear progressive lense glasses so I'm still getting that dialed in. Still, for a short barrelled, garage "plinker", it's pretty damn accurate.I have started paying attention to Walther PPK model relatively recently.

For years, this pistols sold here were manufactured in US under license, by Smith and Wesson, and Interarms. Inhowever, Walther started importing guns directly. It is a blowback design, which means few moving parts, and therefore - theoretically - very good accuracy. As someone with deep interest in former comblock firearms, I felt like it was time for me to take a look at the real thing.

walther ppk schematic

I have spied it in my distributors inventories once, unfortunately, it was gone within minutes - before I could place an order. But the 22lr variant, which Walther also introduced inis a lot more available. I was able to get a nickel-plated version of this pistol easily, and this is the subject of this review. At first, I was apprehensive about buying it. Luckily, this has proven to be incorrect, the material is actually steel, and the pistol has a nice heft to it it is a small package, and it weighs 24oz.

I would rather that it were stainless steel, but the plating looked really just as good. The pistol is stamped as made in Germany. It looks indistinguishable from a real Walther I have one in made inexcept for the barrel, which of course has a smaller bore, and the extractor.

Walther PP

The recoil spring is of course a lot lighter, but the mainspring feels the same as on the model, so drawing back the slide requires quite a bit of effort, and feels like a real Walther.

This is what it looks like, disassembled. On the picture below you can see a nut on the barrel. Initially I thought that it was a thread protector, so a suppressor could be attached. As it turns out thank you, Oleg, for pointing this outthis is not the case. The barrel itself is thinner and is surrounded by a shroud. This nut holds the shroud to the barrel. This can be seen on an exploded parts schematic. Trigger pull in SA mode is crisp at 5lb. DA mode is absolutely horrible - to the point that my strength is barely enough to pull the trigger.

I think this gun has the worst DA mode among all handguns in my collection, even including Nagant revolvers. Walther's site lists SA at 6. I am fairly sure DA pull of my gun is worse, but I don't have a trigger scale with high enough upper range to measure it.

walther ppk schematic

Sights are small but squarely cut, so aiming is easy. Blowback 22lrs are often extremely accurate. Note: all the results below were shooting 5-shot groups at 25 yards. SK Standard Plus has produced the best results, with 3 groups out of 5 being at 2" or below, and 4 groups out of 5 below 3".

The last group was awful, but it could be me getting tired. Armscor ammunition and its BVA rebrand were truly terrible, with groups peppering the target as if it was shot by a shotgun, multiple failures to eject, and at least one stovepipe per magazine. Aguila's performance, predictably, was also atrocious. I do not own a firearm which would work well with Aguila's product. Overall, I liked this pistol quite a lot.It features an exposed hammer, a traditional double-action trigger mechanism, [6] a single-column magazineand a fixed barrel that also acts as the guide rod for the recoil spring.

They are still manufactured by Walther and have been widely copied. During World War IIthey were issued to the German military officersincluding the Luftwaffeas well as the police. The original PP Polizeipistole was released in The most common variant is the Walther PPKa smaller version of the PP with a shorter gripbarrel and frame, and reduced magazine capacity.

A new, two-piece wrap-around grip panel construction was used to conceal the exposed back strap. The smaller size made it more concealable than the original PP and hence better suited to plainclothes or undercover work. It was released in While it's often thought to be " kurz " German: short referring to the police pistol with shorter barrel and frame, the manufacturer's selection of the name "Kriminal" appears in early original advertising brochures from Walther and the GECO German catalog.

Adolf Hitler committed suicide with his PPK. No on the advice of firearms expert Geoffrey Boothroyd[14] though the actual guns carried by Bond and Felix Leiter in the film were, in fact, Walther PPs. Actor Jack Lord was presented with a gold plated one with ivory handgrips.

Walther addressed this situation by combining the PP's frame with the PPK's barrel and slide to create a pistol that weighed slightly more than the PPK. Because United States law allowed domestic production as opposed to importation of the PPK, manufacture began under license in the U.

These were only chambered in 7. Designed as a police service pistol, it was a blowback operated, double-action pistol with an external slide-stop lever and a firing-pin safety.

A manual decocker lever was on the left side of the slide; when pushed down, it locked the firing pin and released the hammer. Only about 2, PP Super pistols were sold to German police forces in the s, and lack of sales caused Walther to withdraw the PP Super from their catalogue in Official factory photographs do not refer to the pistol's Hungarian origins.

Walther's original factory was located in Zella-Mehlis in the " Land " state of Thuringia. For several years following the war, the Allied powers forbade any manufacture of weapons in Germany. Manurhin made the parts but the pistol was assembled either at St. The French company continued to manufacture the PP series until This license was eventually canceled in From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Type of Semi-automatic pistol. Sterling Publishing Company, Inc. Small Arms Review.Earl's Repair Service, Inc. Have you checked our specials page? We will be closed for vacation Aug. It is small and good looking. That makes the PK excellent for concealed carry. Its small grip is ideal for shooters with small hands. The slide is easy to operate, making it a good choice for women. The light weight goes unnoticed in a pocket or purse.

Credit Walther Performance Design for another hit. Small is indeed beautiful. Low profile three dot polymer combat sights. Rapid aiming and target acquisition.

Rear sight screw adjustable for windage. Low profile won? Optional metal self-illumination and metal Tritium night sights.

Walther Auto Pistols PPK Parts List

Resists corrosion. Matte finish. Loaded chamber viewport. Quick status inspection. Rear slide serrations. Non-slip surface to operate the slide. Distinctive Walther styling.

Manual safety. Blocks firing pin for safe handling. Ergonomic Walther grip. Comfortable shape.Timelessness inspires true greatness. A groundbreaking idea now gives rise to the next level of achievement in unrivaled performance, delivering tried-and-true results when you need them most. At the time of its invention over 80 years ago, the PPK inspired an entirely new category in the firearm industry, now widely known as the concealed carry pistol.

walther ppk schematic

To fill the need for performance in a concealable package, Walther broke the mold of pocket pistols and full-size military pistols to bring undercover officers a more-practical and reliable option, the PPK.

It is chambered in. To execute this revolutionary concept, the Police Pistol Kriminal took all the modern advancements available at the time and combined them into one performance leading pistol. Few guns have withstood the test of time like the brilliantly designed PPK.

To this day, the PPK is still one of the most sought after concealed carry pistols on the market. The timeless design and superior engineering make the PPK a true legend amongst firearms. Skip to content. A high performance option for every situation. Look through all of the great content that WaltherArms.

Walther ppk schematic